Welcome to my new home for all my music projects. Here you will find online collaborations I have contributed to as well as my own original tunes. Have a look around and take a listen. As always I love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Now for some history for those interested. ATB studios was started back in February of 1999. I had an analog 4 track recorder and a Casio keyboard to create some music with. The studio was located in my son's bedroom and thus the name ATB (AT for his initials and B for bedroom). I outgrew the analog 4 track went to minidisc and moved into the garage. Soon afterwards came the PC recording software and I was off and running. See "Equipment" tab.

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 I finally have made an appearance in my first music video. For Easter our worship band shot a video to My Savior My God by Aaron Shust. Below is a link to the file on You Tube.

My Savior My God - You Tube

Calling All Warriors

Here is my second video appearence in a song written by our worship leader Mark Portis.