Coffee - Dramatizes the effects of caffine, think Dr. Demento.  

The Fool - Love Hurts.

Clock On The Wall - How does time away affect our love?

Harsh Truth -

Gethsemane - A view of the cross through Jesus' humanity. 

Smoke On The Water - Cover of the famous Deep Purple song.

Cancer -

Still The One - Love song

Forever We'll Always Be - Posted with Permission of Curtis Downey (DEMO)                                          Words and Music by Curtis Downey

Love Again - Words & Music by Ali Kat and Paul D

My Songs

Behind His Eyes - 11/29/07 (Final Recording)                                                          David Cagle - Lead vocals and harmony                                                                  Billy Playle - Electric Guitar                                                                                       Lindy Mack - Organ                                                                                                  Scott Buffinton - Guitar Solo                                                                                    Bill Gifford Jr. - Rhythm Guitar                                                                                  Jerry Langenfeld - Drums                                                                                         Walter Tokich - Bass, Words and Music

Out Of The Silence - 7/1/07                                                                             David Cagle - Lead and Backing Vocals                                                         Walter Tokich - Bass, Words and Music                                                    Steinberg VST - All other instrumentation

Christmas Time - 12/10/06 (Final Recording)
Billy Playle - Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals, Violin and Bells                                        Fred Jam - Percussion                                                                                              Walter Tokich - Bass, Words and Music                                                                   Mo Padilla - Piano and Backing Vocals                                                                     Dave Ower - Acoustic Guitar

Walter Tokich: Christmas Time

Secret Deeds - Do your good deeds to please God not man.

Midnight Rush - Rock Instrumental.

Choose To Die - A story about assisted suicide.